New Indoor Night Taggers

We play some TagParty games in the evening/night and also indoors in dark or low light conditions. For these events we have added a hit light to the Tagger and we are also considering adding it to our standard gear, though the benefit in bright light is only to make the player know they have been tagged as in bright sunlight the hit light is not visible at a distance (the tagger hit feedback tells you if you hit someone with a tag). It is a very simple modification using a single TLUD 50 Degree view angle red LED (TLWR9000) with a 33ohm resistor on the hit line. The TLUD is nested above the sensors and LED's in the dome and points directly at the sight protrusion on the dome. This makes it very visible, over a wide viewing angle, for anyone looking from the plane above the dome. Previous hit light mods have used a transistor as a switch to draw power off the 9V supply. This was done to not overload the 4.5V supply which has a hard to replace fuse unlike the resetting poly fuse on the 9V line. This obviously slightly complicates the design and make installation much more difficult. We have done a lot of testing and have not run into a problem driving the TLUD and resistor off our already modded Taggers. I do not know how a standard tagger would perform with this modification. Our taggers are now all driven from a 5v regulator and where disposable batteries are used, rather than a NiMH pack, have a super capacitor on the 5V line.`SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend

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