Summer TaggerTalk Newsleter

We have just published our Summer TaggerTalk Newsletter using a new service for us “MailChimp”. Check out the QR Code for the newsletter – I would be interested in feedback on the use of QR Codes for promotions, though I know that it is a bit silly using it here where a link would be more […]

Why we use bright colored Taggers, that do not look like real guns!

Playing in public areas requires you to be aware of of what people could perceive your actions are.  Watch the video as it shows what could happen – it could have been worse if the guy panicked or didn’t […]

Fall2010 TaggerTalk Newsletter Published

We have just sent out the Fall TaggerTalk Newsletter.  The web version can be viewed here. I however thought I would reproduce one of my favorite articles from the newsletter here:

Top 10 Reasons to Host a TagParty
We thought we would have a bit of fun and put a light hearted spin on why you should […]