Barrier Update

We are looking to expand yet again so we have invested in more material to make yet another set of barriers. We have two basic designs to date and we have been looking to see which one to move forward with. Both designs have their advantages and disadvantages and one thing we would like to change […]

Tagger Upgrade - 5V Regulator and Charger

Having already tried the charger by itself,  and ran into problems with unbalanced recharging of the cells (see earlier post here), this charger and regulator upgrade  go hand in hand for our TagParty Business.  Difficulties in finding a suitable regulator and an easy integration into the tagger had put this project on the back burner, […]

TagParty Drone Upgrade – StingRay Prototype

In an effort to make maintenance easier in the coming year and also to get around the of lack of rumble packs we have made some modifications to the Drone. The video demonstrates a few of the modifications and there are some pictures showing the internal modifications. While the video mainly shows the hit light and […]

Problem Taggers - Rechargeable Batteries

We have been experiencing some failures of our taggers during TagParty games, similar to what we saw before the “Magic Drone” mod, but different in that it was persistent in some cases and resting did not cure the behavior. We suspected that we were having battery problems with the Pure Energy RAM XL we used, but […]

Plan B – Alpha Prototype

This blog entry is rough all around; rough prototype, rough picture and rough video. But Greg was complaining so I threw this together. Probably just as well since Eudene is on my case to do urgent, this year, now the season starting etc. TagParty stuff. So this is probably it for now.

Link to pictures

The alpha prototype […]

Combat Sports, NJ

Today Eudene and I visited Combat Sports in New Jersey to see their laser tag operation.

We set off on the 3 hour journey, up I95 and the New Jersey Turnpike, and arrived at the Laser Tag Park at about 11:30AM. We were […]

Plan C

I am having problems with the supplier of our shell for the tagger, so in the mean time I am working on an alternative housing. This will require a separate lens assembly which is shown below. Interestingly, and the point of this blog entry, is that the LED is constantly on when the tagger is powered […]

Plan B MilesTag

I have now 2 MilesTag units to […]

New Tagger

While we all wait for news on the new tagger from Hasbro, we have started work on “PlanB”. From what can be pieced together from various sources the new tagger from Hasbro will not directly meet our needs. While we have enough Drones to keep us going, we need work on alternative solutions.

Research on available commercial […]

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