2016 Photo Collection Posted

We have posted our best picture collection for 2016 on our Website and […]

Best TagParty Pictures from 2015

We have posted the some of the best picture taken at our TagParty events in 2015 on our Facebook page. They can be […]

New TagParty Website

We should be launching the new TagParty website shortly. This is the first major revision, though there have been many minor revisions over the years, since we started the business. The old website has served us well, but with over 65% of the people visiting now doing so using a mobile device, we need to make […]

The Best TagParty Photographs of 2014

Here are 200 photographs selected from 2014’s TagParty events. We have selected these based on action, clarity and overall composition and lighting quality, though truthfully many more could have been included. They can also be viewed on Facebook.

[iframe 100% 680]

Pictures taken by TagParty at an event are owned and copyrighted by TagParty. TagParty Sport hosts […]

Ghost Tagger

Took this picture at an event today. This is the untouched original photograph, no Photoshop effect or any other post processing.

Ghost player at our TagParty event










I can only think that it is an artifact of the flash capturing the player as he ran past. He obviously was moving too fast to produce the common blurring […]

Annual TAPS Charity Event

20th Annual TAPS National Military Survivor Seminar and Good Grief Camp for Young Survivors

Pictures from the event can be found at:

TAPS Album 1
TAPS […]

Elephant in the Room

TagParty has always put safety first and firmly believes that playing, or participating, in tactical outdoor laser tag activities actual help prevent the type of incidents that occurred at Sandy Hook school. Our objective has always been to make sure everyone has a safe, fun, active, exciting and a positive social learning experience when playing laser […]

Awesome Moms Mothers Day Event

We are holding a special event this coming Mothers Day (Sunday May 13th). Moms get to prove to their kids how awesome they are! Moms and their family get to play for the discounted price (12% off), or they can donate their discount (with TagParty matching the discount) as a contribution to Maryland Sheriffs’ Youth Ranch […]

Hunger Games Comes to an Arena Near You

You will get a chance to get a taste of the “Hunger Games” for yourself this April 2nd -6th. We will be holding “Hunger Game” style sessions down at the TagParty RECON Field or Arena.

You can become a Tribute for a session of Outdoor Tactical¬† Laser Tag Action and see if you can survive the game.¬† […]

Sight Power Mod and Target Electronics


The expense of the small coin batteries and the trouble they caused, when they died and the scopes stopped working,¬† made me take on the project to power the scopes off the main Tagger battery. I wanted to retain the ability to change the color dots on the scope, so I came up with a means […]