New Indoor Night Taggers

We play some TagParty games in the evening/night and also indoors in dark or low light conditions. For these events we have added a hit light to the Tagger and we are also considering adding it to our standard gear, though the benefit in bright light is only to make the player know they have been […]

Sight Power Mod and Target Electronics


The expense of the small coin batteries and the trouble they caused, when they died and the scopes stopped working,  made me take on the project to power the scopes off the main Tagger battery. I wanted to retain the ability to change the color dots on the scope, so I came up with a means […]

Tagger Upgrade - 5V Regulator and Charger

Having already tried the charger by itself,  and ran into problems with unbalanced recharging of the cells (see earlier post here), this charger and regulator upgrade  go hand in hand for our TagParty Business.  Difficulties in finding a suitable regulator and an easy integration into the tagger had put this project on the back burner, […]

Trigger Mod

I have now modified over 50 of our TagParty taggers to have both the Magic Drone mod and the new trigger hardware.  Information on the two mods can be found:

Drone Trigger Mod

Magic […]

TagParty Drone Upgrade – StingRay Prototype

In an effort to make maintenance easier in the coming year and also to get around the of lack of rumble packs we have made some modifications to the Drone. The video demonstrates a few of the modifications and there are some pictures showing the internal modifications. While the video mainly shows the hit light and […]

Plan C

I am having problems with the supplier of our shell for the tagger, so in the mean time I am working on an alternative housing. This will require a separate lens assembly which is shown below. Interestingly, and the point of this blog entry, is that the LED is constantly on when the tagger is powered […]

Tagger Stand / Flag Pole

The stand was built out of 1/2″ PVC pipe and fitting. It was painted with Krylon Fusion spray paint.

It is designed to be used as a simple stand, or with the tagger fastened in place with a velcro strap, as a flag pole in an Own the […]

TagParty – Tagger Recharge Case

The TagParty Tagger Recharge Case (TRC) recharges 8 TagParty Taggers from one 12 volt supply. The TagParty Tagger is a modified LTTO IRT-2x (Drone) designed to have its batteries recharged in the TRC.

Tagger Recharge Case (TRC)

The red switch connects and disconnect the taggers from the regulated voltage supply, and the green LED shows when you are […]

Added Advantage of the Magic Drone Mod

Supercaps can extend alkaline battery life – Supercapacitors can dramatically extend battery life of today’s consumer goods, argues Mike Collen

Today’s consumers take for granted the ability of the electronics industry to squeeze more functions into smaller, more portable devices. Mobile phones are cameras and are now adding flash features; still cameras shoot video; laptop computers can do […]

Magic Drone Mod

We are going ahead with the mod, on all TagParty taggers, as it has proved very successful and has eliminated the lock-up failures due to the Drone’s CPU momentarily losing power (battery jiggle).

The Magic Drone mod is very simple, but effective. It uses the supercapcitor below:

Product Information

Mouser Part #:           555-DX-5R5V334U
Manufacturer Part #:   DX-5R5V334U
Manufacturer:             Elna   Data Sheet
Description:               Memory Backup […]