Annual TAPS Charity Event

20th Annual TAPS National Military Survivor Seminar and Good Grief Camp for Young Survivors

Pictures from the event can be found at:

TAPS Album 1
TAPS […]

New Indoor Night Taggers

We play some TagParty games in the evening/night and also indoors in dark or low light conditions. For these events we have added a hit light to the Tagger and we are also considering adding it to our standard gear, though the benefit in bright light is only to make the player know they have been […]

Sight Power Mod and Target Electronics


The expense of the small coin batteries and the trouble they caused, when they died and the scopes stopped working,  made me take on the project to power the scopes off the main Tagger battery. I wanted to retain the ability to change the color dots on the scope, so I came up with a means […]


We are happy to support and were part of the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors ( T*A*P*S 17th Annual TAPS National Military Survivor Seminar and  Good Grief Camp for Young Survivors Memorial Day Weekend event again this year. The kids and their mentors had a great time playing laser tag at the DC Amory, you […]

Memorial Day

We were honored and pleased to be able to mark this memorial day with a TagParty event at Andrew’s Air force Base in partnership with the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors Organization (T*A*P*S ).  As you can see from the photographs in our album the kids and their mentors had […]

Tagger Upgrade - 5V Regulator and Charger

Having already tried the charger by itself,  and ran into problems with unbalanced recharging of the cells (see earlier post here), this charger and regulator upgrade  go hand in hand for our TagParty Business.  Difficulties in finding a suitable regulator and an easy integration into the tagger had put this project on the back burner, […]

New TagParty Videos Added to YouTube


Trigger Mod

I have now modified over 50 of our TagParty taggers to have both the Magic Drone mod and the new trigger hardware.  Information on the two mods can be found:

Drone Trigger Mod

Magic […]

TagParty Drone Upgrade – StingRay Prototype

In an effort to make maintenance easier in the coming year and also to get around the of lack of rumble packs we have made some modifications to the Drone. The video demonstrates a few of the modifications and there are some pictures showing the internal modifications. While the video mainly shows the hit light and […]

Survive the Night inaugural event draws crowd at ‘haunted’ ruins

From The View from Ellicott City

The Patapsco Female Institute Historic Park has been home to many different entities since the 19th century, including boarding school students, convalescents, indigents, a family and possibly ghosts. Paranormal researchers and a medium were at the site Halloween night to do some spirit hunting. And, they were definitely not […]