Hunger Games Comes to an Arena Near You

You will get a chance to get a taste of the “Hunger Games” for yourself this April 2nd -6th. We will be holding “Hunger Game” style sessions down at the TagParty RECON Field or Arena.

You can become a Tribute for a session of Outdoor Tactical¬† Laser Tag Action and see if you can survive the game.¬† […]

Sight Power Mod and Target Electronics


The expense of the small coin batteries and the trouble they caused, when they died and the scopes stopped working,¬† made me take on the project to power the scopes off the main Tagger battery. I wanted to retain the ability to change the color dots on the scope, so I came up with a means […]

New Introduction Video on MeetLocalBiz

We have a new introduction video on meetlocalbiz. You can see the video here on the MeetLocalBiz site or watch a copy of the embedded […]