Should We Be Annoyed and Should We Do Something About It?

Today I came across two web sites that have got me questioning my philosophy of giving back to the laser tag community. Both web sites are businesses, and it looks like both of them have copied TagParty materiel. While I have no problem with them using TagParty intellectual property,  I freely share my mods and equipment […]

TagParty Sport Briefing Station

We know the benefits of having a focal point for briefing and debriefing games from our TagParty events, and while we do not have facilitate the same type of debrief that we have with the LTTO gear, there still needs to be a place for the players to put down their taggers. Faced with a similar […]

Trigger Mod

I have now modified over 50 of our TagParty taggers to have both the Magic Drone mod and the new trigger hardware.  Information on the two mods can be found:

Drone Trigger Mod

Magic […]