3rd Crew start-up

We are preparing for the new season and expect to be running 3 crews this year. I have ordered and received the coroplast to make a third set of barriers, battery and chargers are here, we have the taggers, now just the trailer to get and the crews […]

Combat Sports, NJ

Today Eudene and I visited Combat Sports in New Jersey to see their laser tag operation.

We set off on the 3 hour journey, up I95 and the New Jersey Turnpike, and arrived at the Laser Tag Park at about 11:30AM. We were […]

Plan C

I am having problems with the supplier of our shell for the tagger, so in the mean time I am working on an alternative housing. This will require a separate lens assembly which is shown below. Interestingly, and the point of this blog entry, is that the LED is constantly on when the tagger is powered […]