TagParty In Action Photo Albums

In Action Photo Albums

The above link will take you to the TagParty photo album page. Select a party to view then browse through the pictures to see how much fun can be had.

This is a test of the “Press […]

Slow tag weekend, but excellent otherwise

So I decided to post my mods in this blog, to see how WordPress handles post dated entries. The mods are dated as they were originally released and also in the mods subcategory of LTTO. You should be able to access them by date or by category.

This post will also test out the permalinks (see below):

IRT-2X (Drone) […]

The Arsenal Builds

Following the news about the demise of the Accessory Packs and Drones, Eudene and I went on a hunt. Between us we managed to get another 16 Drones (Orange and Green) and 6 accessory Packs.

We also cleaned out the Local BJ’s of TMB, 18 in total on sale for $25 each. While we will not use […]

Seek and buy!

I learnt today that the IRT-2x, commonly known as the Drone, is not going into retail stores anymore! Additionally the Accessory Pack, which contains the Rumble Pack and Scope, is also not going into stores and is additionally out of production! So no more Drones in the stores once the shelf stock is used up, and no more […]

Welcome to Tagger Talk

This weblog is for those of us interested in tagging! Laser tag, water tag or any other form of tag that uses a tagger.

Thanks to our sponsor TagParty for hosting […]