2016 Photo Collection Posted

We have posted our best picture collection for 2016 on our Website and Facebook pages.SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend

Best TagParty Pictures from 2015

We have posted the some of the best picture taken at our TagParty events in 2015 on our Facebook page. They can be seen hereSocialTwist Tell-a-Friend

New TagParty Website

We should be launching the new TagParty website shortly. This is the first major revision, though there have been many minor revisions over the years, since we started the business. The old website has served us well, but with over 65% of the people visiting now doing so using a mobile device, we need to make the website responsive and easier to navigate from a phone or tablet.SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend

The Best TagParty Photographs of 2014

Here are 200 photographs selected from 2014's TagParty events. We have selected these based on action, clarity and overall composition and lighting quality, though truthfully many more could have been included. They can also be viewed on Facebook. [iframe 100% 680] Pictures taken by TagParty at an event are owned and copyrighted by TagParty. TagParty Sport hosts and any of the participants, who have signed a liability release form, are granted a non-transferable license to use these pictures. TagParty reserves the right to photograph participants for publicity purposes. The quality and number of pictures taken at a TagParty will vary depending on various factors including; environmental conditions, lighting, number of participants, demand on crew time etc. TagParty does not guarantee a photo album, or picture CD, for a TagParty event.SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend

Ghost Tagger

Took this picture at an event today. This is the untouched original photograph, no Photoshop effect or any other post processing.

Ghost player at our TagParty event

                  I can only think that it is an artifact of the flash capturing the player as he ran past. He obviously was moving too fast to produce the common blurring effect when this happens normally (you can see some blurring if you look closely).SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend

Annual TAPS Charity Event

TAPS20th Annual TAPS National Military Survivor Seminar and Good Grief Camp for Young Survivors Pictures from the event can be found at:  SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend

New Indoor Night Taggers

We play some TagParty games in the evening/night and also indoors in dark or low light conditions. For these events we have added a hit light to the Tagger and we are also considering adding it to our standard gear, though the benefit in bright light is only to make the player know they have been tagged as in bright sunlight the hit light is not visible at a distance (the tagger hit feedback tells you if you hit someone with a tag). It is a very simple modification using a single TLUD 50 Degree view angle red LED (TLWR9000) with a 33ohm resistor on the hit line. The TLUD is nested above the sensors and LED's in the dome and points directly at the sight protrusion on the dome. This makes it very visible, over a wide viewing angle, for anyone looking from the plane above the dome. Previous hit light mods have used a transistor as a switch to draw power off the 9V supply. This was done to not overload the 4.5V supply which has a hard to replace fuse unlike the resetting poly fuse on the 9V line. This obviously slightly complicates the design and make installation much more difficult. We have done a lot of testing and have not run into a problem driving the TLUD and resistor off our already modded Taggers. I do not know how a standard tagger would perform with this modification. Our taggers are now all driven from a 5v regulator and where disposable batteries are used, rather than a NiMH pack, have a super capacitor on the 5V line.`SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend

Spot The Raven’s Super Bowl XLVII Ring

At one of today's TagParty events we were fortunate to not only have a Raven player participate. but he was wearing the Super Bowl Champion's ring presented only yesterday to the Ravens. SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend

Elephant in the Room

TagParty has always put safety first and firmly believes that playing, or participating, in tactical outdoor laser tag activities actual help prevent the type of incidents that occurred at Sandy Hook school. Our objective has always been to make sure everyone has a safe, fun, active, exciting and a positive social learning experience when playing laser tag, or water tag for that matter. A TagParty event teaches how to work together to achieve an objective, be that obtaining the highest score, or completing mission objectives, for the team. Laser tag is entertaining and fun, but it also qualifies as a team sport. Importantly, like any other supervised group sporting activity it teaches kids how to socialize and work together without hurting each other. It has been well documented1 that social interaction in team sports, similar to tactical laser tag, teaches youth to:
  1. Associate with their peers
  2. Solve conflict
  3. Communicate effectively with their peers and
  4. improve self-esteem as well as lower the chance of depression
Where laser tag has an advantage over other team sports is that it is also a great leveler; a kid who is not a natural athlete, who is over weight, or physically impaired in some way, can still excel and play a valuable team role. The distance you can tag or be tagged at means you do not need to be fast, or agile, and even if your hand-eye coordination is not the best, the ease of targeting does not make this a big disadvantage. Here is a team sport where the geek is on par with the jock and both can play together and respect each others contribution. Laser tag therefore provides a team sporting activity for those who are usually disenfranchised from the benefits of team sports. Not only does laser tag provide peer to peer socialization opportunities, it also provides opportunities for families and close groups. As a parent/guardian, siblings, cousin, friend etc. laser tag is one of the few games where physical size and strength is nullified and you can play as equals, bond with your kids, understand their socialization issues, and put yourself in a position to help as a peer not an authority figure. We do not see the tragic and senseless incidents, like that which took place at Sandy Hook school, being instigated by socially well adjusted individuals. Fundamentally TagParty believe that our tactical laser tag activities are not only fun but they positively contribute to the social development of individuals.  
1Harrison, P., & Naraya, G. (2003). Differences in behavior, psychological factors, and environmental factors associated with participation in school sports and other activities in adolescence. Journal of School Health, 73, 113.
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Awesome Moms Mothers Day Event

We are holding a special event this coming Mothers Day (Sunday May 13th). Moms get to prove to their kids how awesome they are! Moms and their family get to play for the discounted price (12% off), or they can donate their discount (with TagParty matching the discount) as a contribution to Maryland Sheriffs' Youth Ranch to help those who lack an Awesome Mom of their own. The Ranch is a 24-hour foster-care facility for boys between the ages of 10 & 18 and its mission is to assist youth in becoming productive members of society. Licensed by the State of Maryland Department of Human Resources/Social Services Administration.  Residents are referred by their local Department of Social Services or Department of Juvenile Services. They come from families who have been troubled by drug or alcohol abuse, mental illness, poverty, incarceration, abandonment, abuse, neglect, or family crisis. The idea of a youth ranch came from the Maryland Sheriffs' Association over 25 years ago.  Concerned law enforcement officers envisioned a program designed to help at-risk youth. Their goal was to prevent delinquency caused by an unstable home life.SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend